For years now I have sworn my favorite color is purple. I 💜 purple! I mean, why not? It’s a beautiful color.

It seemed like all the prissy women loved pink. I didn’t wanna be prissy! I didn’t wanna be super feminine. Just a little was enough. So……purple. After all, I like weapons. I love horror films. I don’t wear a ton of makeup, and I’d rather eat bacon than a salad. See?! I’m not “girly”. Right?!!!

Here’s the thing, there’s pink everywhere! No matter where you look, it’ll come in pink! There’s pink clothes, pink polish, pink socks, pink toes, pink shoes, pink cars and pink camo for crying out loud! Let’s face it….if you’re going go wear pink, or be a pinky…own it! Because purple camo is just not as pleasing to the eye! Plus, Barney is just friggin’ creepy!

So, I have a confession, I LOVE pink!!! I can’t fake it anymore! Purple is pretty and has its moments but come on…EVERYTHING looks better in pink! I’m drawn to it. It stands out in every crowd. It looks fabulous with black OR brown. Pink….goes well with everything! As far as I’m concerned, pink should be a primary color.

Bottom line…

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