True stories, life, encouragement

Thankful for Adversity

I’m thankful for a childhood being bullied. For I learned how to treat others.

I’m thankful for friendship betrayals. I learned what “true” friendship means.

I’m thankful for that abusive boyfriend. I learned how I should never be treated.

I’m thankful for that failed marriage. I learned what true love is.

I’m thankful for the loss of my daughter. I learned what a true privilege it is to be called “Mom”.

I’m thankful for those who did not keep my secrets. I learned what integrity means.

I’m thankful for loneliness. I learned how to appreciate my alone time.

I’m thankful for financial hardships. I learned clarity between “wants” and “needs”.

I’m thankful for those I once shared my life with who are now gone. I now know how to cherish the ones still here.

I’m thankful for all adversity. For I now know how to be thankful.

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