True stories, life, encouragement

The grass on the other side….

So many stories my ears have heard,
So many my eyes have seen.
Most I never wanted to hear,
It’s always a gruesome scene.

It always starts with a connection,
Usually within the eyes.
One step leads to another,
With a barrage of unending lies.

As time goes on with the lustful behavior,
They think no one can see.
Instead, their loved ones are at home,
And down on bended knee.

They’re blinded by their darkest hour,
Where at home things are so tense.
Their dream is turning into a nightmare,
For crossing over that fence.

They see the bruised bodies they’ve left behind,
And suddenly change their demeanor.
They realize they shouldn’t have crossed that fence,
For the grass was never greener.


2 thoughts on “The grass on the other side….”

  1. I assume you’re talking about someone you perhaps had a relationship with? A romantic relationship? And maybe it didn’t turn out so well? I’m fascinated Candy/Angie. I like your poetry.


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