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Angels? What?!


Our perception of Angels is that they’re sweet, soft, comforting, flying around with their wings and “heavenly”. Let’s rethink this.

1) They guide us. Even when we’re at our most stubborn. That means, pushing, pulling, tugging, grabbing us from cliffs and even carrying us.

2) They protect us. They always have their eyes open for danger. They slay dragons in our lives, or for most of us…demons.

3) They comfort us in times of need. They may bring just a word, a song, a kind glance for us, or urge an old friend to call or stop by.

4) Our Angels work 24/7. They’re always with us. They don’t get coffee breaks and time at a spa to rejuvenate.

I could go on and on about what our angels do for us. So, I don’t know about you, but mine work extremely hard the entire 24 hours of every day. I’m not an easy human to deal with. I truly don’t believe my Angels have long, white, flowy robes and Angel wings. They’re not beautiful and flawless by worldly standards.

My Angels wear kick-ass boots. They carry weapons. They’re skilled in the ways of the world but understanding of what I need. My Angels are a tag team in the ring of my life fight. They are truly Badass Warriors!

Think about this! What are your Angels like? 😇

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