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White Teeth

As a young child, I always had yellow teeth. I was told that the yellowness in a Childs’ teeth showed that they were strong. However, I never smiled and almost always covered my mouth when I laughed. As an adult, I sought out measures to make them white. The dental trays with harsh bleaching gels did the trick. However, my teeth became sensitive. I tried the OTC white strips. Those worked also, but I found my teeth were still sensitive.

Recently. After searching for an all natural whitener, I found a product that came with thousands of rave reviews. The Vena Beauty charcoal whitener. I tried it. It REALLY WORKS! It’s all natural and organic and mild on your teeth. I could tell a huge difference in one brushing. I use it now before I brush my teeth normally. Yes, it’s black, but it rinses out. Also, it doesn’t taste bad or make my teeth sensitive!

I normally don’t publicly endorse products, but this is one I don’t mind sharing with all!

I LOVE smiling and laughing and not being embarrassed by my teeth. So, results….smile more and laugh more!

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