Migraines 🍭 My cure

I can’t believe I’ve survived migraines for my entire adult life.  (That’s MANY years).  I worked in the Corporate world most of my career.  It was high stress, very competitive and in some cases the pay was based on account activity.  The bigger stress came with running all over Orlando, FL trying to find the quickest routes possible getting from one client to the next.  Talk about a headache!   Another huge stressor that went with the job was..(cue scary music)..public speaking!  Most people are terrified to be in front of any number of people presenting anything!  However, I loved it.  Not to say it wasn’t stressful.

Most of my adult life has been spent suffering with unbearable migraines.  For years, all I took for them were  “Goody” powders.  That’s got to be the worst thing to take.  It’s extremely hard on your stomach.  If I caught it in time, it would work.  If not, I’d  have to suffer thru meetings and presentations and try my best not to throw up.

As I got older, I got smarter and talked to my primary care physician.  We tried all kinds of more natural remedies.  Vitamins, no caffeine, more water.  Nothing worked.  I was then referred to a Neurologist for treatment.  I tried everything!  I tried all kinds of different medications and nothing would work.  My doctor finally put me on a drug named Depakote.  This is a nasty drug folks!  It is my understanding the drug was initially prescribed for those with bipolar disorder.  Somewhere in the research, it was discovered it also helped to prevent migraines.  Yay!  Relief at last, but it was short lived.  The doctors choice was to raise the dosage.  Eventually, I was taking 2000 mg of Depakote each day.  I began losing my hair, gaining a ton of weight, and  I had tremors so badly that I could barely sign my name.  I had quickly became a zombie.  That’s no way to live.  Especially, when you have two young children.

In an attempt to curb my intake of massive quantities of Excedrin and to decrease the effects of the Depakote, botox injections were prescribed.  It was somewhat successful.  However, just not quite enough and after a solid year of treatment, it was beginning to work less and less.  Not to mention, it wasn’t injected in my wrinkles.  So, I wasn’t looking any younger.  🤨

In a Facebook group that I co-created with a friend, I often made it known when I was dealing with a migraine. Jim, a group member, had sent me a message about his girlfriend, Karrie, also fighting migraines. She had recently tried what is referred to as the “Daith piercing”, which she had heard helped to relieve migraine pain. She had experienced luck with this and was kind enough to answer all my questions.  After hearing her testimony and with caring encouragement from both Jim and Karrie, I decided to give it a shot.  A few days later, I had found someone that was licensed to do this piercing.  (Claire’s is not a place to go for this.)  I had both of my ears pierced on September 1, 2017 and as of this very day, November 15, 2017, I have not had one single migraine!  Not one!  I’ve had “maybe” 5 very minor headaches.  That is IT!

I have an appointment next week to schedule my next round of botox.  I can’t wait to tell the doctor that botox is no longer needed!  I take nothing for prevention either!

I can’t tell you how my life has changed.  My kid’s lives have changed! Mommy is no longer having to cancel plans! I’m not home stuck in bed with the room dark and a bucket next to the bed. I no longer decline invitations.  I no longer want to blow my brains out because the pain is so bad.  I am no longer a migraine hoping for a few good days of humanity.  What I am…is a mom, who is happy.  I’m a daughter who is more patient with her elderly mother.  I am me!  I can now take care of my family and look forward to making plans.  I actually have a life now!

I cannot thank Jim and Karrie enough for taking the time to tell me about  this very quick, very inexpensive (and quite cute, I might add), life-changing cure for my migraines. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, but I’m shouting as loud as I can for anyone who suffers to just try it!  What do you have to lose?  A few bucks?  Who cares?!  You know you blow more on junk than you would spend on getting this done.  Just do it!

My migraine story is really much broader than what I’ve written here.  I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  Karrie was my God-send.  Let me be yours.

2 thoughts on “Migraines 🍭 My cure”

  1. Candy I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog I’m so glad that it worked for you and I hope it works the rest of your life it feels so good to know that I was part of helping you change your life

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